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Menlo Gateway is the result of an innovative approach to developing a mixed-use project. From an inspired vision for revitalizing existing industrial land into a landmark for the community, to an unrelenting commitment to quality — the Menlo Gateway team stops at nothing short of excellence.

Bohannon Development Company

The Bohannon Companies, based in San Mateo, have owned property and invested in the Peninsula since 1930. Launched by David D. Bohannon in 1928, the firm began its projects in residential real estate, later launching its commercial development activities with the Hillsdale Shopping Center in 1941. Throughout these years, the Bohannons have worked hand-in-hand with elected leaders and community representatives to plan for Menlo Park’s successful future. As part of this effort, the Bohannons created Bohannon Park to bring new jobs and businesses into the community. The Bohannons attracted businesses that were highly sophisticated for their time. Now, continuing in this spirit of stewardship and innovation, Menlo Gateway will establish a powerful new model for 21st-century service and technology businesses.

Development Partners

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“Menlo Gateway raises the standard for business. As the gateway to Silicon Valley, Menlo Gateway welcomes new arrivals while providing the environment so critical to imagination and innovation.”